Find All the Necessary Information in order to Plan Your Trip to Poland

Poland is considered a very popular destination among travellers. Especially tourists from all around Europe choose Poland to spend their spring or autumn vacation. This country is filled with history and tradition, and so you can see its constant presence all around you. Apart from all the beautiful, well-known cities, Poland has many beautiful lakes, steep mountains and idyllic beaches that one might also visit.

The Best Time to Visit Poland

Poland is a rather cold and rainy country. Therefore, spring and autumn are the best seasons, depending on the specific type of travel you have in mind. Spring is ideal for every traveller who wants to hike up the mountains or spend several days in the Polish countryside.

This way, the weather will be warm, with no rains, but not so warm as to prevent you from climbing and hiking. If you want to spend your vacation in a touristic resort by the beach, then summer is the most ideal time period to be visiting.

Autumn will offer you a stunning view of the yellow painted forests, as well as a perfect opportunity to walk through any Polish city, without having to suffer severely low temperatures. If you are an experienced skier, then winter in Poland will find you in a snowy mountain sliding your way to its bottom.

Three are the most important cities that are definitely worth visiting. Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk are all easily accessible, as you can definitely arrange for a trip that will include all three cities.


In Poland’s capital, you can see so many different sights, it is definitely worth your time and energy. Totally destroyed by the Nazis’ invasion, people of Warsaw are on a continuous project to reconstruct their city. After Russian and German occupation, this magnificent city has been flourished and attracted so many travellers from all over the world. Right beside Wisla River, you will find shops and hotels as well as the Palace of Culture. Make some time to visit the picturesque Old Town as well.


Krakow is the only city in Poland that has managed to survive total destruction. This is why UNESCO has declared this city as one of the most compelling monuments. Many travellers say that this is the most beautiful city in all Poland. Ancient palaces and a vibrant life will amaze you during your stay in Krakow.


Gdansk has managed to retain its rustic beauty. Medieval churches and houses dates back to the 18th century, truly set up a magnificent scenery. However, since the heart of this city was also ruined, most of the old-like buildings you will see, have been actually reconstructed. Spend a couple of days here, and make sure you have brought some warm clothes since you will witness some lower temperatures in Gdansk.


Dark as it may sound, you cannot leave Poland without visiting Auschwitz, the largest Nazis’ concentration camp. The tour will last more than 3 hours, still, this experience will completely change the way you think, as it will leave you with bittersweet memories. A tour not to be missed!