Healing Zimbabwe with Chris Oyakhilome and the Holy Spirit

With a ministry that spans over 30 years, Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian Christian minister who has accomplished much during his faith based ministry. Pastor Chris is the president of the Believers’ LoveWorld Inc and of the Christ Embassy. He has made it a life mission to help the sick and poverty stricken men and women with both materialistic and spiritual needs. Chris Oyakhilome has relayed his message of hope through his sermons, both in person and televised, and through his books. Chris Oyakhilome is a best sellng author. He has penned more then 21 books during his 30 year ministry and in 2003 he pioneered the first 24 hour Christian satellite network. This network beamed from Africa and was available for the rest of the world to view. As of today, 5 more satelite stations comprise Pastor Chris Oyakhilome‘s television ministry.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is also the founder of the Healing School of Christ Embassy. This school is headquartered in Nigeria. The Healing School of Christ Embassy is comprised of a television minitry, publishing ministry, healing ministry, teaching ministry and prayer network. The Healing Ministry or Healing School has yearly sessions that are always held in different locations across the globe. The Healing School offers a visitation program for ministers. This program allows for ministers from all across the world to come to the Christ Embassy. The teaching ministry allows all followers to learn about the Bible’s teachings and what God has planned for his believers. The prayer network is comprised of over forty million followers of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome that are spread out over the seven continents. At various times through out the day Pator Chris advises his followers to pray about specific issues.

On May 7 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome made his first ever visit to Zimbabwe. In this maiden visit he worshipped and took communion with over seventy five thousand followers at the National Sports Stadium in Harare. This massive service was also broadcast live over various international networks. People eager to hear Gods teachings through Chris started entering the stadium the night prior to his appearance to secure their places. Preparations at the National Sports Statium had been almost completed by the night of May 6. A Christ Embassy pastor had stated that seven over flow areas had been prepared for this global church service. The Worship and Communion Miracle Service in Zimbabwe is the second one for the international church. The first Worship and Communion Miracle Service was recently held in the United Kingdom. Pastor Chris mentioned the wonderful hospitality of Zimbabwe and that though they were land locked they were not God locked and he had hoped to make plans to return again one day.