Luxury Tour Companies Offer Ideal Way to See Australia

Anyone who has ever traveled to Australia would likely agree that it is the perfect backdrop for an exciting and unforgettable holiday. Availing oneself of luxury tour companies to take guided excursions is one of the best avenues through which to experience everything the continent has to offer.

From the stimulating cities of Melbourne and Sydney to Australia’s famous wine country or the incomparable Gold Coast, where one can view exotic animals and plants in their natural habitats, the land down under has something to suit travelers of all ages and from all walks of life. The following are some helpful tips for vacationers embarking upon an Australia tour:

Time Frame

Because of its generous land mass, thriving cities and impressive scenery, vacationers should have an appropriate amount of time to travel through the country. This is especially true for first-time visitors, who should consider reserving the lengthiest tour they can comfortably afford.

Selecting the Best Destinations

Vacationers who wish to travel in luxury when visiting the continent should consider an Australian luxury tour. Excursions of this kind can be reserved prior to one’s arrival or can be booked after the travelers reach their destination. Australian luxury tours are also sometimes sold in conjunction with all-inclusive luxury packages or airline tickets. The following are some favorite locations for this type of tour:

Thriving Australian Cities

Those who enjoy a variety of live entertainment venues and a boisterous nightlife should consider booking a tour that includes Melbourne or Sydney, as these cities are filled with trendy clubs and a broad range of entertainment options. The Cat Jazz Club, The 52, the National Gallery, the Theater Royale and The Sydney Opera House are merely a handful of the many attractions from which one can choose in these renowned metropolitan areas.

Philip Island

Philip Island is a great place for travelers searching for a unique and exciting eco-tour. In the Philip Island region, visitors can view over 250 bird species, as well as wallabies, koalas and penguins.

Tours for Outdoor Lovers

Nature enthusiasts may wish to consider a Daintree National Park tour. Home to the river after which it is named, this tour takes place in both the water and on the land, where visitors have outstanding opportunities to view a broad range of wildlife. Participants will likely see Ulysses butterflies, kingfishers, over 100 bird species, and even sunbathing crocodiles that frequently climb up on the muddy banks of the Daintree River to sunbathe.

Wine Valley Tours

Wine Valley tours are available as well, and fans of this centuries-old beverage are never disappointed with Australia’s wine country. A Yarra Valley tour is the ideal option for wine connoisseurs, as Yarra Valley is home to some of the most lush and beautiful wine-growing lands in the world.

It is always wise for travelers to make reservations in advance to ensure availability of the desired dates. Ultimately, those who opt for an Australian luxury tour are guaranteed to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in spectacular Australia.